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The program shuts down unexpectedly… workaround

The program shuts down on Windows 7 depending on write permissions to folder where exe file is located. You should try to copy casplab*.exe file to folder you have a write permision. This is because casplab automaticly writes each measurement result to archive/cache file which is creaded in the same folder where casplab exe file is located.
One cache file is created per one launch of the application. Files are named _casp.res, _casp0.res, _casp1.res and so one.

The program shuts down unexpected…

Many users reports problem with stability of the software. I’m really busy working for my family and it is so hard to spend some “free” time for this project. I’m not active coder anymore but I will try to fix reported stability issues. It will be an adventure!
Problem is, I don’t know when it could be possible. Maybe in Q1 2016? Lets try!

PS. Dear users, I’m sorry for my poor response time if any. Use email rather than add comment (contact section provides email address, now), please.